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My name is Daniel Uzquiano. I am a graphic designer. I make and teach things related to typography, interaction and graphic design. Lately, I'm going mad with processing and weird twitter bots.

Dinosaur Font

Dinosaur is a very grotesk and extremely condensed display font. Only useful for very big and short texts. This font comes with three regular weights and three italic weights. With 448 characters, Dinosaur font supports over 200 Latin-based languages.
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Polar Regular
(Free Demo)

Polar Regular is a free grotesk typeface with a special mood
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Goma Monospaced

Goma Mono is a display monospaced rounded sans serif font built in ten styles. This family, with five weights, covers a wide variety of character due to the large difference in thickness. This typeface can be used perfectly in display sizes and logos, but is also suitable for small texts. Goma Mono is released with 414 glyphs and includes Open Type features.
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Polar Typeface
(9 weights)

Polar is a grotesk typeface with a special mood
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Abecedario is an interactive app for children. Its purpose is to show the sounds and the archetypical shapes of the letters of the alphabet.
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